Customer Testimonials & Pictures

"Love it!"

Mom-"She said it really boosted her confidence wearing the shirt so people know what's up with her ears. Helps explain it. Kind of takes a load off. 

She wore her shirt to whale camp and love the shirt"-Jen M. 

Headband that says "DEAF"

"I got Reagan a headband that says 'DEAF' on it so all the other kids know"

"I got Reagan a headband that says 'DEAF' on it so all the other kids know"-Amber G.

“He is very proud to wear his DEAF shirt

What a wonderful experience! We wanted an athletic style shirt for a child, and there wasn’t anything like that on the website. I emailed Ashlei and she quickly had one made! We ordered several items, and they are all beautiful. Her prices are so reasonable — I really appreciate that. I’m so happy she is making products like this. I want my son to be proud of himself and his deafness, and I want him to celebrate what makes him different. He is very proud to wear his DEAF shirt — he loves that he has something special just for him. I love that when he plays water sports, roller skates and rides his bike, people can read the shirt and be aware that he can’t hear them. Thank you so much for your amazing company!-mom, Alyssa

“Got my deaf wearables wristlet! Hopefully now my neighbors won’t think I’m rude for not responding to them when Squish takes me for walks. Also, purple glitter matches my future hearing aids.”-munchkinboo 

“Thank Deaf Wearables for the amazing shirt!”-T. Arnold

Makes me look like a Deaf/HOH Derby superstar!

"Ashlei was an absolutely delight to work with. She created me the perfect vinyl decal for my derby helmet along with a super soft pullover sweater and iron-on patch! Everything is of great quality and Ashlei was very patient and accommodating with helping me pick out the perfect items. Would highly recommend for any athlete or for casual wearer. I'm super proud to be repping deaf wearables. I'm never taking this hoodie off. Thank you so much to Ashlei at DW for making me look like a real Deaf/HOH derby superstar!. Great quality, comfy and it's all perfect!!!"-Chance's testimonials & customer service