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About Us

About the Founder

My name is Ashlei and I have been deaf my whole life. I received my first Cochlear Implant in 1990 and became the first youngest to receive an implant. I'm so thankful to be deaf and am so blessed to be able to understand and, thus have the opportunity to help others.

In summer 2017, I participated in a physically challenging obstacle course at Copper Mountain.  I looked everywhere online for outer wear that showed I couldn't hear.....something I could attach or could wear on my clothes, arm or headband that said the word, "deaf". There was not one single thing out there and I thought it was so frustrating and not fair to the deaf community.

About the website

My goal for this website is to bring to you a collection of all kinds of wearables, for all ages, that can be worn in all kinds of activities such as skiing, marathons, hikes, walks, deaf events, etc., even daily life. I want to present this collection of wearables in a fun and inviting way to let people know that they are including in activities someone who is deaf. My goal is that it would not be embarrassing for people to wear deaf wearables, but that they would be excited and proud to let people know that they're deaf and in the meantime be fashionably current.

Our Mission for Inclusion

I know how tough it is to be a part of fun outdoor activities without being able to hear people saying, "look out", or "excuse me" and understanding that you didn't hear them. I'm excited to help all deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy being part of activities by providing wearables & "deaf" products. I know how hard it is do everyday activities without people being aware of someone's deafness.